Where's Your Fitness Motivation Mumma?

And what are you going to do NOW to make sure you

ACTUALLY STICK TO it this time around?

What's Included?

  • 1

    Weekly Kickstart Videos

    At the beginning of each week you will receive a video that inspires, motivates, and kickstarts your week. The video will explain in detail what you are to complete in the week ahead.

  • 2

    Workout videos and PDFS

    Throughout the program you will get access to over 10 Workout Videos designed by TUF Mums Mindset specifically for busy Mums. You will also learn where to find free workout resources online so that you are empowered with knowledge that gives you access to hundreds of exercise options based on your needs.

  • 3

    Weekly task packs

    Your mindset is CRUCIAL to your success. Each week you will receive a mindset task pack with activities and strategies to practice that will enhance and strengthen your MIND. Every one of these activities has been researched and designed to have maximum impact on every area of your life, with a focus on fitness. 

    In these task packs you will learn how to plan your week of workouts, how to break away from excuses, how to hold yourself accountable, how to track your progress and how to stick to it for LIFE!

  • 4

    Access for LIFE

    All videos and PDFS are sent to your email, so you can have everything forever! If life gets in the way in future and you need to do the course again, you can come back to those emails and access it at any time!


Yours Today For Just $47!!!

About The Creator

Emily Smith is a Personal Trainer, Adult Educator and Mum to two beautiful young girls.


Having suffered from anxiety and depression herself, she knows how much exercise has improved every aspect of her personal and family life.


Her mission is to empower and inspire Mums to use exercise as a habit that creates positive changes in their lives.


Emily believes in a holistic approach to fitness. Working WITH your body, not against it. Loving your body, not punishing it. And most importantly, instilling that self-love into the children who are the future.



"...I hoped it would be the missing piece of the exercise puzzle for me…and it was!"



"... I exercise daily without a second thought and don't make excuses anymore."


Yours Today For Just $47!!!


"...I feel amazing about myself, I have so much energy and motivation.!"


Making a purchase with TUF Mums Mindset also supports PANDA - Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia. 10% of profit is donated every month to the cause, to give families needing mental health information and support during and after pregnancy.

What this course IS...

  • A common sense approach to healthy habits designed specifically for busy mums

  • Simple and easy to follow.

  • The only way to re-wire your brain to love fitness.

  • The best way to get LONG TERM results.

This course is NOT...

  • A quick fix.

  • A one size fits all approach.

  • Just a workout program

  • Overwhelming and complicated.


Try this program for 30 days, and if you don't feel that it's right for you, get your money back!


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