You don't need another band-aid solution to your problems.

You need an EXPERT to give you EMPOWERING tools

& a TRIBE to support you.





1. a social division in a traditional society linked by a common culture, typically having a recognised leader.

The Be Think Do Tribe is for you if:

  • You want to ditch the B.S from your past, glow in the present, and feel free in your future.

  • You want to learn how to manage your thoughts and emotions better so that life is less of an emotional sh*tstorm.

  • You lack time, motivation or energy to do the things that fill your cup, and you feel guilty when you spend time or money on just YOU

  • You want to learn proven processes to manage your mindset that will reveal your powerful, brave self and launch you into success

  • You find you spend money on things that 'make you feel better' momentarily... hello wine, coffee, oversized shirts, shoes, lippy and icecream!

  • You'd like to do all of this with friends who speak your language, support you, and ride the wave with you on this epic journey.

I’m Emily, and I am the Be Think Do Tribe Leader!


Like me, you’ve experienced some sh*t in your past.


You're now at the point where life is feeling a bit mundane, you wish there was a bit more pizzazz, and yet you know you SHOULD be grateful for what you've got, right?


But negative thoughts and emotions creep in.


Maybe you feel overwhelmed, cranky, anxious.


Perhaps this limits your focus, motivation and overall happiness.


You’re in the right place.


Women come to me with a loss of identity and direction. They leave empowered with tools to create the identity the desire and live the life they truly deserve.


Neuro-Linguistic-Programming and Timeline Therapy is what I do, but don’t let the fancy terminology put you off.


It is simple. Together, we can re-wire the way you think, in order for you to experience your best possible life.

This group is literally life changing & I couldn’t imagine my life without YOU Emily, your principles, knowledge & methods, along with the amazing & supportive tribe that is forming, becoming a crucial part of my daily life.


I am a changed person, I can't wipe the smile off my face. This has opened my eyes to so much and pushed me to be the person I was meant to be. 

I am so excited to continue this journey through the Be Think Do Tribe!  


I love how Emily's support and guidance helped me to shift unhelpful beliefs and create new empowering thoughts. 

I'm learning to ask better questions when things get hard and discover what's holding me back.


So how does the Be Think Do Tribe work?

This is a GROUP COACHING membership option, for women who want to BE the person they are supposed to be, THINK the thoughts that will create that person and DO the things that will take them there.

  • Foundations Course

    As soon as join the Tribe you start the Be Think Do Foundations Course. Delivered via video and PDFs in 5 Modules you will be guided through the basic concepts to use the resources in the Tribe most effectively for you.

  • Life Changing Monthly Workshops

    Each month we have TWO live workshops in the Tribe Facebook group. The first is a coaching session where you can send any problems life throws you, anonymously, and have me answer your question as though you are one of my 1-1 clients.

    The second workshop is a tribe-voted mindset topic.

  • EPIC Member Hub Resources

    When you sign up for the Tribe you get your own login to the Member Hub, which is FULL of incredible resources. You'll find workout videos, meditations, strategies for emotional regulation, workbooks, and all the recorded workshops, coaching calls and previous months content stored there!

  • Monthly Theme

    Each month we focus on a new theme based around an affirmation. In each months 'e-pack' you get an affirmation card, journal entry prompts, brain awakening challenges, a meditation, and a checklist all available for download so you can access it anytime, anywhere.

  • Tribe Support

    One of the BEST things about being in the Tribe is the support group. You'll find women all over the world who speak your new language, who support and uplift you. And of course, you get regular access to me, Emily - so it is like having your own personal coach!


Join the Tribe Today for just $27 AUD p/month

Recurring payment. Cancel at any time.

Frequently asked questions

  • Q: What is the Be Think Do Tribe?

    A: A monthly membership for Group Mindset Coaching. Each month includes a downloadable pack based on a positive belief system, 1 x group coaching Q&A, 1 x monthly workshop (tribe voted), an epic support group with guidance from Emily Smith (NLP & TLT) and a wealth of membership hub resources.

  • Q: Once I sign up, how long until I have access?

    A: You will be sent access details to the membership hub within minutes of payment! Once you have requested to join the facebook group, you will be accepted within 1 business day.

  • Q: Will I be charged every month?

    A: As this is a membership based service, your card/paypal will be charged every month unless you cancel your membership.

  • Q: What if I can't finish all of the content each month?

    A: That's ok! There is no amount you are absolutely required to do. There are LOADS of resources and no one will crack a whip if you don't do them all. Some months you might race through, others you won't. The monthly packs stay on the Membership Hub forever so you can always go back to a resource you missed last month.

  • Q: Where do I need to be located to participate?

    A: You can be anywhere in the world!! I am based in Western Australia but all content can be viewed at any time. I will switch up the times that the LIVE workshops are held so that a variety of people can have the opportunity to tune in, but all workshops are recorded and put on the membership hub for you to access anywhere, anytime.

  • Q: What are the payment options?

    A: Both PayPal and Credit Card. Your credit card is processed through a secure network called Stripe. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry. 

  • Q: How will I access the content of the Tribe?

    A: Members access content in two ways. Firstly you have access to the exclusive online members hub, where you can access all of the current months resources, plus from any previous months. Secondly, is the Facebook support group, just for Tribe members. This is where the workshops will be held, and where you will get daily prompts and support.

  • Q: How do I cancel my membership?

    A: Cancelling your membership is easy, simply email us at least 72 hours before your next payment and we will cancel it for you, no questions asked. Please note that if you choose to re-join the Tribe at a later date the price may have increased.

  • Q: How much time will it require each month?

    A: This is totally up to you. In the first month I recommend focusing on the Foundations Course, which will take you about an hour each week. The idea of your new mindset skills is for them to be incorporated into your day so that they improve everyday experiences. By managing your mindset you will find you have MORE time in your day, you just wait, it's amazing what a calm & focused mind can achieve!

  • Q: What kind of results can I expect?

    A: Improved focus, energy, motivation, clarity, joy. Less overwhelm! A feeling of community. A sense of direction. A belief in yourself that you can and will achieve great things in your life!

  • Q: What equipment do I need?

    A: Your brain! No fancy gimmicks here, you have everything you need to create an epic life already within you. You have the tools, I am going to show you HOW to elicit them. Even the workouts in the hub require no equipment! Oh wait - you will need a pen :P we do a bit of writing, so a pen and paper is a must. If you cannot print resources it won't matter, you can just take notes in a notebook.

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